A Gift-Giver’s Guide to Thrifting Quality Jewelry on Instagram

I’ve got hacks that will not only leave your wallet intact, but also eliminate the burden of choice.

anting to buy something unique for that special someone? Not sure where to start, and you’re on a budget, but it’s got to be perfect? If you haven’t browsed your way through Instagram’s storefront already, you’re totally insane, but also in the best of luck. I’ve gone down that rabbit hole so you don’t have to, so hang on to your money and let’s get some honey!

Jewelry…or Jewellery?

While these findings might not be of the 30-year anniversary caliber, they’ll be just right for a birthday, holiday, or a fabulous weekend treat. If you’re usually confused by expensive vegetables and shiny colors…you’re in the right place. I have scavenged my way through the barrels of karats and found my way to the iridescent silver wash and turquoise waves. See below, my favorite online sterling-silver jewelry stores.

Buyer, Be Aware!

Before you jump on ahead like I did, I’ll let you in on some tips I wish I knew before I blew a couple hundred bucks on some green-thumb-turning cheap rings. So I have curated a small list of Instagram businesses that I trust, that are affordable, and know you will enjoy.

  • You can take an extensive dive into the specifics of metals, or limit yourself to these three metals: sterling silver, gold, and platinum
  • Silver is the most commonly found, but it’s in your best interest to make sure it’s sterling silver, so the gift lasts as long as your relationship, and your special someone’s hands aren’t tarnished
  • Gold-plated makes gold jewelry beautifully cheap, but that can come at the cost of green fingers! If you find an unforgettable piece, make sure not to get it wet, and use these tricks to lengthen its lifespan

Best Kept Secrets of Instagram

Nomad’s Novelties

Downright my most favorite money sucker. I mean, my favorite Instagram Store! Beyond their eye-candy of a feed, Nomad’s Novelties is a shop you need to keep your sweet eyes peeled on. The two ways to shop with Nomad’s is through their story sales, and on their website.


  • They state all the rules very clearly during each story sale, but it’s nice to note: they include the price and size of the rings, all you have to do is swipe up and reply to claim!
  • Every Sunday at 12pm, they release a sterling silver collection. While it’s usually rings, sometimes it’s necklaces, bracelets, and maybe some small trinkets.
  • Speaking of small trinkets, if the influx of jewelry is giving you anxiety, check out their decor section

Honestly, if you don’t find anything there…well, that’s why I found more!

American Decay

Haven for lovers of turquoise and bargains! I notice they favor sizes above 8, they do have some nifty finds for the smaller fingered like me. And if it’s not rings you’re after, head to their website for a bit of glorious western-inspired Chicago madness. But if you are here for the jewelry, then head to their Instagram for a load of fabulous chonky silver, turquoise, and more.


  • While they sell some things on their Instagram Store, you’ll find more in their daily stories and in their posts
  • American Decay also accepts vintage items for cash or trade-in, so shoot them a message if you’re feeling extra thrifty!
  • If the item is still in their stories, it’s still available, just swipe up to claim it

Lexicon Jewelry

If you thought American Decay’s feed was gorgeous, you’re going to be fanning yourself when you see Lexicon Jewelry’s bright nails and even brighter rings! From rings to pendants, Lexicon boasts stunning sterling silver and gold-plated treasures every day. While most finds are featured on their Instagram feed and store, you’ll have the best luck looking through their website.


  • Lexicon Jewelry is a curation of one of a kind finds. This means, no matter what you choose, your gift will be the most unique
  • If the burden of choice cripples you, search by ring size through their website — that way there’s no confusion when your heart wants what it sees


This article was inspired by my sudden awareness that my long term boyfriend hasn’t bought me any real jewellery, and while we don’t follow any rituals where he’d be obliged to do so, it made us both realize that he doesn’t actually know how to shop for things like rings, and knows nothing of them beyond the diamonds he sees at fancy stores in the mall. This one’s for you, boo!

Since this article focused on bling, let me know if you enjoyed this post, and I’ll show you where to find even more cool sh*t. I will add-on/update as I find or get recommended hidden gems of Instagram! Feel free to share your secret finds in the comments ❤

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